About Us

About Us

Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co., Ltd.
Product Consulting
Customer service:400-999-8658
E-mail: marketing@
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International trade: +86-571-88262120
Domestic trade: +86-571-88262113
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Tel: +86-571-88617879-850、851

History and system

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Company HistoryYear 2004  Company established
Year 2009  Obtain the medical device manufacturing enterprise license
Year 2010  Obtain CE, ISO13485 mark
Year 2011  Enterprise scale enlarge from 1400㎡ to 4000㎡
Year 2013  Obtain high-technology enterprise honor
Year 2014  Become a supplier of army procurement
Year 2015  Obtain ISO9001 mark
Year 2016  Obtain US FDA mark
           Obtain recommend enterprise honor of drug abuse testing kits
           in Ministry of Public Security 
           Obtain Hangzhou R&D center honor
           Obtain patent demonstration enterprise honor in Yuhang district
           Obtain AAA grade credit enterprise honor
           Enterprise scale enlarge to 19000㎡

Company SystemCFDA Mark
CE Mark
ISO13485 Mark
ISO9001 Mark